Finding Freedom After Fleeing Chaos and Violence

Refugees entering this country are often fleeing violence, oppression, and political upheaval. Usually, they arrive with nothing and have no way to care for their families. Luckily, the Refugees and Immigrants provides them with the support they need to find work and housing, care for their children, and become self-sufficient.

The Adio* family was part of the Bantu tribe, whose ancestors were brought to Somalia as slaves. Their ancestry caused their family to be discriminated against during civil war in Somalia. Rebel forces would raid their village, raping and killing many women and children.

The father was an English teacher in Somalia. Unfortunately, many of the rebel forces that raided his village frowned upon Western traditions such as learning English. Subsequently, he was forced to end his English language program and flee with his family to a refugee camp.

When the Adio family finally arrived in the United States, LSF helped them with clothing, donated furniture, provided job placements, and acquired school supplies for the children. These children now attend local elementary, middle, and high schools in the Tampa Bay area. Inspired by the help he and his family received, the father returned to LSF and now works to help resettle more families from Somalia and the surrounding region.

Thank you for helping families in crisis like this one find new hope, so they can help others in our community!

*Name changed

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